Frequently asked questions

Q – Is a Distance Learning Course the equivalent of a standard 9 day WFR?
A – Yes, all the same material is covered as in a standard WFR. With the pre-course study you actually have more time to learn the material at your own pace.

Q – Are the certifications recognized by other wilderness medicine providers and outdoor employers/guide services?
A – Yes, the certifications are recognized nationally by other wilderness medicine providers (including WMI/NOLS, WMA, SOLO), outdoor schools, colleges, universities, guide services, Boy Scouts of America, and the Wilderness Medical Society.

Q – I need to re-certify my WFR but it just expired, is there a grace period?
A – It depends; some providers give a 2 year certification with a 1 year grace period in which the certification is no longer active, some providers give a 3 year certification with no grace period. Either way, a WFR must be re-certified after 3 years, after that there is no grace period and you must take the full course again. Cascade Outdoor Ed gives a 3 year certification.

Q – Do I need to have extensive outdoor experience to take a course?
A – No, while students with more outdoor experience might understand some of the concepts better by being able to relate them to personal experiences, the course is appropriate for anyone with a general understanding of outdoor adventure.

Q – Is there an age cutoff for a WFR?
A – Minimum age is generally 16 (with parent permission). There is no maximum age, we regularly have students in their 50’s and 60’s.

Q – Is it true that WFR students have to jump into cold water and experience hypothermia?
A – WFR courses ideally have a certain element of realism and are often taught in conditions similar to what is faced on typical outdoor trips. Usually accidents don’t happen in comfortable places. Experiential education is critical to learning wilderness medicine and students have the opportunity to work in cold/hot/uncomfortable environments in order to better learn the material. Jumping into cold water is not required to receive a WFR certification.

Q – Does Cascade Outdoor Ed teach custom courses for groups?
A – Yes! email or call so we can explore the options.

Feel free to email or call with more questions.